selfportrait in norwegian mountains
Storhaug near Sogndal, june

on the bow of express boat Somewhere in Sognefjorden, longest norwegian fjord

over fjord
view at Geirangerfjorden
from hairpin bend

with troll
Also Geiran-
Seafront of Geiranger
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Boris Ovchinnikov
Moscow, Russia
23 years

studied at
Russian State Universities for Humanities (93-97)
and Moscow School of Social and Economis Sciences (97-99)

political scientist, sociologist

This (year 2000) spring I was lucky -
I went to Norway for two months
I want to thanks NUPI
(Norwegian institute for international research)
for this great opportunity

Weekdays I had spent at Oslo (quite dull place),
but almost every weekend I went somewhere.
I made four trips (not counting small excursions):

Stavanger - Bergen - Sognefjorden (Flom and Myrdal);
Lom - Trondheim - Roros;
Sogndal - Lom - Stryn - Geiranger - Andalsnes.
Toward the end I went abroad, to Sweden, in Stockholm (and also Uppsala).

Norwegian impressions and photos,
especially those that were collected during my trips,
made the basis for this site.

This is my first experience in Web-design,
so please don't judge me too stcrictly :))
But moderate critics and comments
(as well as compliments, and also opinions and proposals)
are welcomed.

MAIN * * * PHOTOS * * * MAIL

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